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Commission Projects and Collaborations:

Be it residential or commercial, we can design and develop wallpaper and pillow

covers to fit your aesthetic. Additional wallpaper substrates, pillow fabrics, shapes

and sizes are available. We supply the inserts for you as well.

Trade Discounts and Wholesale:

  • We offer exclusive pricing to interiors designers 

  • Pillows available for Wholesale Purchasing and Private Label Programs

  • Wallpaper available for Private Label Programs


Mix 'em Up Pillows:

Let us know what combos you want to see and we will send you JPGS.

Please inquire before purchasing. 


Don't see it here?

Many other designs are available in our archives, if you don't see it on our

website let us know as we just might have what you're looking for.

Any other questions? 

Send us your inquiry!


DSC_1122x FINAL less yellowz GOOD COLOR

Thanks for submitting!

free domestic shipping on orders placed in december!

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