Penni Auster-Gillespie


A dedicated amount of each sale is donated

to animal rescue.

As a result of applying late to FIT in Manhattan, the only courses available to me were jewelry and textile design. And what were textiles anyway?  I soon learned as I put together a design portfolio in record time and was thrilled to later be accepted.

And, as serendipity might have it, I then found my passion in the art of print to fabric.

For many years I was a print designer and merchandiser/stylist in the apparel end of the industry. I later founded and currently run a boutique print design studio. We cater to clients on both coasts and internationally.

After recently partnering with a start-up wallpaper company (because I am obsessed with wallpaper), I realized that I yearned for the solitude of creating with my dogs by my side and the "one on one" of working with creatives.

I find inspiration at every turn. Always with a camera or smartphone in hand, I'm ready to capture the afternoon shadow that's forming a cool motif on the sidewalk, or the most perfect camellia I spy on my walk to the store.

I live in Los Angeles with my hilarious and wonderful husband Mike and my two lazy, sweet dogs Charlotte and Duckie.